Our Approach

With our team & set up we started designing and development over a year ago. In 2016, we've launched a minimum of 3-4 Games a month. Our vision is only one that, over the period of one year we will develop 50 Games or more than that.

Who are we?

An initiative to promote Mobile and Tablet games to be developed with world class graphic quality and functionality. We aim to provide a variety of games in different categories whether it be simple Tap games and Action games with an traditional touch to it.

Our Story

In July 2015, we started working on game development for mobile platform. After 6 months we've developed our first mobile game which were a Match 3 sweets, casual game called "MIITA" and launched in Early 2016, for Android & IOS.

After that, we've continuously developed at least 2 games within every month.

In addition to the reviews and news, we keep track of what’s trending and what prices are dropping in the App Stores. We also have growing communities on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram.

Why Mii?

In 2015, we've launched a company called Mii Technologies in INDIA, and Mii LLC in NEW YORK. We have made at least more than 15 products with names followed by MII. Basically, Mii stands for Make In INDIA, and our all products are made by Indian developers within India, but published throughout the world.

Advertising on Miigames.com

We currently have a few advertising opportunities available. Please send us a quote at advertising@miigames.com for more information on placements. We can also offer advertising on different social channels, and contacts with many Youtube & Instagram Pages with minimum 300K+ Followers.

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App developers and PR representatives will send us promo codes and promotional products for applications or accessories they want us to review. These are used by our writers to give them access to apps they wouldn’t normally have access to. Though in the end we only are able to review a small percentage of those apps.

Miigames.com is owned and published by Mii LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mii LLC.